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A Note To Purchasing Agents:


GEO Jobe GIS Consulting offer a number of products and services including, but not limited to: Admin Tools for ArcGIS, Backup My Org, and Clean My Org. These products are sold and licensed by "connector." A connector is defined as an ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise URL endpoint being managed with our products (for example, a customer with an ArcGIS Online Organization, and an ArcGIS Enterprise consisting of separate Development, Testing, and Production environments would require FOUR connector licenses for each product. Products are not licensed by named user, or seats within ArcGIS).

NOTE: At this time, GEO Jobe GIS Consulting does not offer special reseller pricing on individual licenses. However, we do offer bulk license discounts on high-volume licensing. For more info on product discounts for a large volume of product licenses, please contact 

Regarding Admin Tools for ArcGIS for the Customer's ArcGIS Online Organization

Admin Tools for ArcGIS connector for ArcGIS Online is a hosted service, and is accessed and used exclusively through an Organization's ArcGIS Online account via a web browser.

  • There's no software to install.
  • There's no physical license to document.
  • Access to Admin Tools Pro is given organization-wide.
  •  Admin tools Pro is accessible to all users with administrator rights inside the organization.


For Purchasing Admin Tools Pro for ArcGIS Online for customers (New Purchases):

  • After receiving payment or a purchase order for a Named ArcGIS Online Organization, a user with administrator rights is required to log in to the ArcGIS Online Marketplace, and request access to the Admin Tools Pro item, ArcGIS marketplace item by clicking the "Buy" button.
  • NOTE: if the "Buy" button is grayed-out, then the organization already has access to Admin Tools for ArcGIS online.
  • GEO Jobe will be notified that the Organization is requesting access to Admin Tools Pro, and we will provision the Organization access to the application. 
  • See the "Important Articles For Purchasing Admin Tools Pro" info below for accessing Admin Tools.


  • After receiving payment or a purchase order, GEO Jobe will need to know the Exact Name for the Organization.
  • See the "Important Articles For Purchasing Admin Tools Pro" info below to find the exact name.
  • Geo Jobe will renew the Organization's access to the Application.


Regarding Admin Tools for ArcGIS for the Customer's ArcGIS Enterprise Organization, Backup My Org, and Clean My Org:

This is software installed on-premise. Any support directly related to the installation and configuration of these products on the customer's environment, GEO Jobe's Professional services Installation Package is required, otherwise, the installation is considered DIY with a basic online guide.

GEO Jobe recommends asking the customer about this optional service, as part of the license purchase. 

  • There is no license number
  • There is no physical deliverable
  • Deliver is digital and provided after a PO or payment is received.
  • The software builds are self-contained for licensing, and expiration, and do not phone home to update. At the end of the annual access, a new license will need to be re-purchased, and a new build will need to be delivered.

titleImportant Articles For Purchasing Admin Tools Pro

How Do I Access Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online?

How To Find Your Organization's Name In ArcGIS Online

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