Backup My Org Logs

Logs Page

  • The Logs page will list all backups and restores that have been run to-date.

  • Select the Backup Logs or Restore Logs from the first screen.

  • To view a backup or restore, double click on a row or select the Review Button under the Results column.

  • To delete a backup or restore, click on the Delete button to the far right of the row. This will also delete all local files related to these entries.

  • For both backup and restore, you can click the blue icon to view more information about a particular entry.

  • Under restore results, you can also view the in-depth logs of the restore by clicking the View Log File.

  • Additionally, in restore results you can click the Export button to download all of the related files pertaining to the restore.

  • Clicking on a column will sort by that column.