How to Enable ArcGIS Login and How to Create Managed Roles in Backup My Org


In the Backup My Org application Directory, there will be a “config” folder. Open the nodeconfig.JSON file. From there, the following entries can be found for enabling ArcGIS Login and creating Managed Roles.

1 2 3 4 5 "useArcGISAuth": { "enabled": false, "assignRoles": false, "superUsers" : [] }

NOTE: When usernames in the superUsers box are being entered, each username has to be in quotes and separated by commas. These users will be set up as a "superUser" meaning they will have access to make changes to the Managed Roles.

Changing both false statements to true and putting your username will do two things for your version of Backup My Org:

  1. You will get the login the screen you've never seen before. Just pick an environment, then login.

  2. Under the "settings cog" at the top-right, there will be a new 3rd tab called "Manage Roles" where you can create custom roles for adding users and then allowing Backup/Restore/Manage Identity access based on how those are setup.