If Your Token For Backup My Org or Clean My Org Is Expiring Too Quickly

If you are repeatedly experiencing "Token Expired" warnings in Backup My Org or Clean My Org, even after refreshing your tokens in the "Manage Identities" tab, you may need to adjust your ArcGIS Enterprise settings.

Note: This is NOT a setting or configuration found within Backup My Org or Clean My Org.

Link To Esri Documentation

Please see the official Esri Documentation on how to Specify the default token expiration time.

Snapshot Of Steps (Note: source subject to change)

To change the default token expiration time, follow the steps below. The value you specify applies to all members; you cannot specify different values for specific members.

  1. Sign in to the ArcGIS Enterprise Directory as an Administrator of your organization.
    The URL is in the format https://webadaptorhost.domain.com/webadaptorname/sharing/rest.
  2. Click Portals > Self.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.
  4. Update the Max Token Expiration Minutes field with the desired value (in minutes). For example, enter 1440 to specify an expiration period of one day.
  5. Click Update Organization to apply your changes.