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  1. Download MongoDB 3.4.1 Windows x64 and install.

  2. If there are any issues, see the MongoDB Installation Guide.

  3. Configure a Windows Service for MongoDB

3. Install Required IIS Modules

The following IIS modules must be installed for Admin Tools for Portal. The URL Rewrite and Application Request Routing extensions are used by the application to create a reverse-proxy to forward requests through IIS To the Node.js server application.

4. Install Required Node Modules

  1. Open your cmd prompt & navigate to the Admin Tools 'app-server' directory.

  2. Run the following command: npm install.

NOTE: Step 4 does require communication with the internet. If your server does not have internet access, then copy the Admin Tools files to your local machine, run the command, and copy the 'node_modules' folder to the server.


5. Install Windows service

Open a command prompt as an administrator in the app-server folder located in the root of the application.


NOTE: The service can be removed with: nssm remove “Admin Tools Server”


6. Start the server

Using Windows Service Manager, start the Admin Tools Server service.