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This article step-by-step guide to creating ArcGIS Enterprise App IDs or ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Client IDs and configuring their redirects when adding connectors to the "Manage Identities" feature of Clean My Org or Backup My Org application. This will apply tutorial applies to non-IWA (Oauth2) Authentication.


titleArcGIS Online App ID Step-by-step Instructions

Step-by-step guide for ARCGIS ONLINE

  1. From the main “Contents” tab, navigate to "My Content" tab, and select "New Item".

  1. Select the "Application" option.

  1. Select the "Other Application" option in the next step

  1. Title the application as "Clean My Org," or "Backup My Org" (based on which solution you're using).


The Client ID will be listed in the Credentials section in the Item Overview

  1. Go to the Settings Tab for the Application Item

  1. Scroll down to the "Redirect URLs" Section. This is where you will configure the Redirect URLs

    1. Click the “Add” button, and include all relevant redirects to this section.


NOTE: If there are multiple ways for your Organization to access CleanMyOrg/BackupMyOrg, you will need to add each different domain.


NOTE: For Backup My Org, this is (usually) both http and https://localhost:8500, or http://yourwebserver:8500


NOTE: For Clean My Org, this is (usually) both http and https://localhost:8000, or http://yourwebserver:8000


If you’re using https instead of http or a different port, the Redirect URI will need to be exact.

  1. Finally, ensure you click the "save" button to update changes made.

Great! You should now have the OAuth App ID and Redirects configuration that is necessary to run Clean My Org/Backup My Org.


For a guide on how to create an ArcGIS App ID for AdminTools, please follow the link below:

How To Register Admin Tools for an OAuth App ID (Non-IWA Installs)