How to Verify the File Location a Service Is Using

There may be times when an on-premise installation of a GEO Jobe product is updated, but the application appears to have not changed, despite the service being restarted. One of the most common causes of this behavior is the result of multiple copies of the product existing in various locations on the installation machine. This typically happens when multiple (or previous) individuals have been responsible or application deployments. This guide will outline how to accurately verify where the files a service use are located.

Ensure the service is stopped before making any changes (if changes are needed as a result of this guide). After changes are made, restart the service.


  1. Open ‘Services’ on the machine that hosts the service. Find the service you are working with.

  2. Right-click on the service in question and select ‘Properties’.


  3. Under the “General” tab, look at the “Path to Executable”. This is the file path to where the service is pointing.

If any further changes are needed to the files a product uses, this location is where to do so.