To Convert an existing IIS Certificate for use with BackupMyOrg / CleanMyOrg

To convert an IIS certificate to a .KEY and .PEM format for use in BackupMyOrg or CleanMyOrg, you can follow these steps:


  1. Export the certificate from IIS:
    a. Open the IIS Manager
    b. Click on the server name in the left-hand pane
    c. In the middle pane, double-click on "Server Certificates"
    d. Select the certificate you want to export
    e. Click "Export" in the right-hand pane
    f. Follow the wizard to export the certificate as a .pfx file (remember the password you specified to protect the cert)
    (Note: if you don’t have an export option you may need to re-import the certificate to IIS with the allow export option)


  1. Convert the .pfx file to a .pem file using OpenSSL:
    a. Install OpenSSL on your computer if it is not already installed (Windows version can be found at:
    b. Copy the .pfx file to the OpenSSL /bin folder
    c. Open a command prompt or terminal window
    d. Navigate to the openSSL bin directory
    e. Run the following command (changing exported cert name as necessary):

    openssl pkcs12 -in exportedCert.pfx -out yourcert.pem -nodes

    This command will prompt you for the password you used to protect the .pfx file. Enter the password and press Enter. The command will create a .pem file in the same directory as the .pfx file.


  1. Extract the private key from the .pem file using OpenSSL:
    a. Run the following command in the same directory where the .pem file is saved:

    openssl rsa -in yourcert.pem -out yourkey.key

    This command will extract the private key from the .pem file and save it as a separate .key file in the same directory.


  1. Copy the .pem and .key to the application directory and configure config/nodeconfig.json
    a. Copy the new .pem and .key file to your application root directory
    b. Open <application directory>\config\nodeconfig.json
    c. Modify the settings as follows (changing names as necessary):

    "useHTTPS": true,
      "certs": {
        "certificate": "yourcert.pem",
        "key": "yourcert.key"

  2. Restart the BackupMyOrg server and open the browser using https location.