How to Configure BackUpMyOrg to use Azure Blob Storage

In order to use Azure Blob storage for Back Up My Org please do the following:

  1. Open the Azure Portal via

  2. Navigate to Security + networking > Access keys in your storage account's settings to see connection strings for both primary and secondary access keys.

  3. Copy the Connection String under key1.

  1. Navigate to Containers on the same page.  If you need to create a new container for your backups, please do so by using the +Container option at the top.  If you do not need to create a new container, please copy the container name.  In the below image, the container name is “pscontainer”.


  1. Open BackUpMyOrg (from the hosting machine, go to localhost:8500)

  2. Click on Manage Identities

  1. From this point, the Azure Storage configuration is the same for both ArcGIS Online Organizations and ArcGIS Enterprise organizations.  Our example will use ArcGIS Online.  If you do not currently have an organization, select the “+” next to “ArcGIS Online Organizations”.  If you do have an organization, click to edit your existing organization.  Our example will assume that there is not an existing organization.

  1. Enter your organization name, choose your authentication type, and select your organization URL.  *Note, if you are using OAuth2, you will need to enter an App ID*.

  1. Under Storage Type, select Microsoft Azure Blob.

  1. Enter your Azure Connection String and Azure Container name.  The Connection String and Azure Container name below are examples.  Please use the ones copied in steps 3 and 4 above.

  1. Under Local File Cache Location, please choose a directory on your BackUpMyOrg server to temporarily store files while waiting to be written to the Azure Blob.  In our example, we are using “D:\BMO\Cache\”.

  1. Select Check Azure Credentials. Once successful, click on Save and Verify.

That’s it. You have successfully set up BackUpMyOrg to use Azure Storage for backups. If you have any trouble with setup, please feel free to contact GeoJobe Support for assistance.