How To Register Admin Tools for an OAuth App ID (Non-IWA Installs)

This article is an in-depth, illustrated guide to registering Admin Tools for an OAuth App ID, as listed on STEP 1 of our Admin Tools 2.0 Installation Guide.

These steps only apply to ArcGIS Enterprise environments. Users with ArcGIS Online environments do not need to provide connector information or AppID information when using Admin Tools. This is ONLY necessary for installs that DO NOT use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).

Step-by-step guide

STEP 1: From the "My Content" tab, select "Add Item” → “An application".


STEP 2: Name the application "Admin Tools”.


STEP 3: Navigate to the "Settings" Tab of the new Admin Tools application.


STEP 4: In the "Application" Section, click the "Registered Info" button.

In some cases, an application URL is required in the “Data Source” field (shown in the image above). This can be any URL, so add your own, or simply add


STEP 5: Note: The App ID is listed here (shown in image below). Providing this App ID will be necessary for the creation of your build. Next, click the "Update" button.


STEP 6: Add the full URL of where admin tools will be running from (HTTP and/or HTTPS).

Domain Example

Please add the organization’s actual domain that will be running from Admin Tools to this Redirect URI. Ensure that '/' is not included at the end of your domain as this could potentially cause Admin Tools to unsuccessfully connect to the Redirect URI.


STEP 7: Finally, select the "Update" button to save your changes.


You should now have the OAuth App ID and Redirect URIs necessary to start the Admin Tools Installation.