How To Register Admin Tools for an OAuth App ID (Non-IWA Installs)

This is an in-depth, illustrated guide for assisting with registering Admin Tools as listed in STEP 1 of our Admin Tools 2.0 Installation Guide.

Note: This is only necessary for Installs that DO NOT use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). 

Step-by-step guide

STEP 1: From the "My Content" tab, select "Add Item → An application."

STEP 2: Call it "Admin Tools."

STEP 3: Go to the "Settings" Tab of the new Admin Tools Application.

STEP 4: In the "Application" Section click the "Registered Info" button.

(Note: in some cases, a URL value must be added to the Data Source Field shown in the image above. This can be any URL, so add your own, or simply add

STEP 5: Note: The App ID is listed here. Providing this App ID will be necessary for the creation of your build.

NEXT, click the "Update" button.

STEP 6: Add the full URL of where admin tools will be running from (HTTP and/or HTTPS).


Please add the real domain you will be running Admin Tools from to this Redirect URI.

STEP 7: Finally, ensure you click the "Update" button to save these changes.

You should now have the OAuth App ID and Redirect URIs necessary to start the Admin Tools Installation.