Scan Resolution Actions In Clean My Org

The following are the types of resolution actions and what they do (after performing a scan in Clean My Org).

  • Notify: The notify action will email stakeholders about an issue.
    • Multiple recipients can be used by placing commas between emails.
    • You can type a partial email address that will be autocompleted if the email is in the Address Book.
    • You can also attach a message to the email clarifying the contents in the “Additional Note” field.
    • Clicking the blue button to the right of the email box will open the Address Book. Address Book entries are saved per Identity.
    • To use an Address Book entry, click the name. This will insert the address into the notification.
    • To delete an entry, click the red trash can button to the right of the entry.
    • To add a new entry, type in the email addresses and click the Add Address button. This will insert the addresses into the notification and save for future use.

  • Whitelist: The whitelist will flag the issue so that it does not show back up in future scans. See the Whitelist Management in Clean My Org Knowledge Base Article for more information.

  • Delete: This will delete the item.

  • Fix: This will replace the url or content of an item with a replacement url or content. An example would be replacing the url of a broken layer inside a web map, or replacing tags.

  • Clean: The Clean action will remove the instance of the content from the item, such as removing a broken layer from a web map.

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