If You Open CleanMyOrg.exe, But The Window Immediately Closes


After starting CleanMyOrg.exe in your install location, the window appears, then immediately closes.


If this is occurring please attempt the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Start -> Run menu
  2. type ‘cmd’ to open a Command Shell
  3. Navigate to the folder using cd /D your_install_location
  4. Type cleanmyorg. This will let you see the result of running the server app

NOTE: Only one instance of the CleanMyOrg.exe server can run at a time, so if there is already an instance running, the second one started will fail.

If you have attempted these steps and still cannot determine the cause of the issue, please contact GEO Jobe at support@geo-jobe.com or call 1-844-GEOJOBE.

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