GEO Jobe Products Scope of Technical Support

What is included in GEO Jobe’s scope of support?

GEO Jobe Technical Support covers issues for GEO Jobe products:

  1. Technical support corresponding to usage of GEO Jobe’s products as defined by their respective End User Agreements. 

  2. Usage of documented software functionalities and workflows.

  3. Troubleshoot failures, errors, performance issues, crashes, or unexpected behavior. For support specifically related to Admin Tools cloning, please review our page.

What is outside of GEO Jobe’s scope of support?

GEO Jobe Technical Support does not include:

  1. On-premises installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of products onto Enterprise environments.

  2. Debugging custom components, applications, code, or models.

  3. Customization of Products.

  4. Workflow design, data processing, data design, or software training.

  5. Issues specific to third party hardware, software, technology, or peripherals not provided or supported by GEO Jobe GIS Consulting, including Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  6. Troubleshooting environmental technical issues including network access and security policies.

  7. Consultation on system or database architecture, administration, configuration, performance tuning, workflows, or security.

  8. GEO Jobe products servicing versions of ArcGIS outside Esri's documented Life Cycle.