If Mapfolio Is Repeatedly Asking You to Sign In After Entering Your ArcGIS Online Credentials

After clicking the "SIGN IN" button to allow access to their ArcGIS Online account, some users are being re-directed to the same page asking for access. This is also known as the "Sign In Loop."

NOTE: If you are experiencing this issue with Admin Tools, CLICK HERE.


The following workflow has been shown to solve the Sign In Loop that some users are experiencing.

Create a custom role based on the user role for the account experiencing the Sign In Loop.
  1. Sign In to your ArcGIS Online Admin Account
  2. In "My Organization," click the Edit Settings link
  3. Click the "Roles" tab on the side of the page, and click the "Create Role" button.
  4. Name the new role and give it a description you feel is appropriate (Ex: Mapfolio_User)
  5. In the "Select a role or template on which to base the new role:" drop-down, select "User" (See: Figure 1)
  6. In the "Administrative Privileges" section, under "ArcGIS Marketplace Subscriptions," make sure both "Request purchase information" and "Start trials" boxes are checked, and click the "Save Role" button. (See: Figure 2)
  7. Assign the role to any accounts experiencing this issue in your organization.
    (NOTE: The Admin Tools "Update Users Role" tool can help you perform this in bulk, if necessary)

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

If you've performed these steps, and are still experiencing the Sign In Loop, please email or call us at 1-844-GEOJOBE.

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