Providing Your ArcGIS Enterprise Details for Admin Tools

To create your Admin Tools custom build for ArcGIS, our support team at GEO Jobe GIS Consulting will need access to your ArcGIS Enterprise Information and will ask for your permission for that access.

This application is not hosted by GEO Jobe GIS Consulting, and is instead installed on-premise, behind your firewall, and does not check in with GEO Jobe’s servers to automatically update. As such, all licensing, expiration, and configurations need to be set up and encrypted in the build that we create and provide.

NOTE: When an annual license of Admin Tools for ArcGIS is purchased, it is configured to a specific ArcGIS Enterprise URL for the year. If multiple licenses are needed throughout the year, such as for multiple Environments being deployed, a license of Admin Tools for ArcGIS will need to be purchased for each connector.

Below are more details regarding this info and why it’s important:

1. Provide the URL for each environment, including the host name and web adapter.

Each of these URLs will be associated with an ArcGIS Enterprise Environment that you manage with Admin Tools for ArcGIS. Each listed URL will be associated with a purchased annual connector license of Admin Tools.

  • This URL will end with your configured ArcGIS Web Adaptor name (typically “/portal” or “/arcgis”)

    • Example: “

    • Note: Please ensure that “/” IS NOT included at the end of your domain name, as this may potentially cause issues with linking your connector.

  • When it comes to more complex environments, such as high-availability, failover, etc. simply provide the same URL that your typical ArcGIS Administrator would access from their browser to access the environment in question.

  • We DO NOT need information regarding the usage of this environment, such as “This is Development, This is Prod, etc.,” as all connectors of Admin Tools for ArcGIS are licensed the same way.

2. Provide the Application ID of Admin Tools for Each Connector (Unless IWA is being used for Authentication).

For most users, Admin Tools will authenticate either through through OAuth/SAML for each connector being licensed. Typically, if you need to log in with a username and password, you will need to provide GEO Jobe with the Application ID for Admin Tools. Otherwise, if logging into ArcGIS Enterprise is automatic, it authenticates through IWA.

  • IMPORTANT: An Application ID (NOT an Item ID) must be created and provided to our support team for each ArcGIS Enterprise Connector via registering a Web Mapping Application item.

  • The URL of Admin Tools for ArcGIS must also be set in the Valid Redirect URI settings of the Web Mapping Application item.

For ArcGIS Enterprise:

(Note: In some cases, a URL value must be added to the Data Source Field shown in the image above. This can be any URL, so add your own, or simply add
  • Further details on how to register an Admin Tools item and set up the valid redirect IDs can be located here: "How To Register Admin Tools for an OAuth App ID (Non-IWA Installs)

  • To ensure no miscommunication or errors occur when providing GEO Jobe GIS Consulting with your ArcGIS Enterprise details, please copy and paste the text of the Application ID of the Admin Tools item registered in the Enterprise Environment in question. Please DO NOT provide a screenshot of this ID.


Here’s an example of providing GEO Jobe GIS Consulting with complete ArcGIS connector details for three Admin Tools licenses:

ArcGIS Connectors:


    • App ID: a1b2c3d4f5g6h7i8


    • App ID: j9k0l1m2n304p5q6


    • IWA



Prerequisites & Additional Notes:

  • Admin Tools requires MongoDB and Application Request Routing 3.0 on the machine it’s being installed to. GEO Jobe GIS Consulting will include optional installation executable files in the “” folder of the build provided to you, if you do not already have these programs installed on the machine.

  • Please ensure that .NET 4.5 framework is installed for your IIS Application Pool.

  • Please notify GEO Jobe GIS Consulting if your Organization requires a security audit BEFORE licensing or installing Admin Tools. There may be a processing fee related to any security audit of our products.