If You Are Signing In To Admin Tools for ArcGIS and Receive "Could not get user information. Please contact your organization's administrator." or "Unable to check purchase status, error: [request:server]: Failed to fetch error".

Usually, after allowing Admin Tools to access your ArcGIS Organization, you should immediately have access to the tools. However, if you receive "Could not get user information. Please contact your organization's administrator." Please check your organization's "Allow Origins" settings, as outlined below. If you have previously been able to sign into Admin Tools, you may see that error message or "Unable to check purchase status, error: [request:server]: Failed to fetch error". The steps below will still guide you through how to check for (and address) the most common cause of this error.

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online Organization and select the Organization tab (this may be the default, depending on your organization settings).

  2. Select the Settings option in the upper right.

  3. Open the Security settings by selecting that option from the left-hand menu.

  4. Find the Allow Origins section. If your ArcGIS Organization only allows specific domains to access your org, there will be a list of domains here.

  5. By default, there will not be any domains listed in the Allow Origins section. If your Organization has enabled this function only the domains listed will be able to interact with your ArcGIS Organization content. You can either remove any listed domains (restoring your Organization to the default settings), or:
       - If you are using Admin Tools Free or Pro, add https://apps.geopowered.com to the list of accepted domains.
       - If you are using Admin Tools Enterprise, add the base domain of the url you will use to access Admin Tools.
          (Example: If you use https://your-portal.com/admintools, you will want to add https://your-portal.com)
    Please note: DO NOT ADD '/' TO THE END OF THESE URLs.

If you've performed these steps and the same error still appears, please check your browser for any extensions. If you have any extensions that interact with CORS, you will need to disable them. These extensions will edit the headers in various calls, and will force the authentication calls to be in a format that Esri does not accept. These extensions work by editing the headers in various calls before they go out. These edits can cause calls to Esri to break, as they expect very specific formatting in their headers. There is nothing we can to identify or account for this in Admin Tools. It is not a supported operating environment.

Why This Is Necessary

  • Origin either allows specific domains, or a all domains.
  • Removing all domains allows the server to send a *(wildcard), origin instead.
  • This is left open by default, and Admin Tools cannot be accessed if this is locked down not to include the "geopowered" domain.

If you've performed these steps, and still have problems signing in to Admin Tools, please email us at admintools@geo-jobe.com, or call us at 1-844-GEOJOBE.