Querying Users who have ArcGIS Pro Licenses with Admin Tools for ArcGIS

Admin Tools for ArcGIS provides a workflow to see which members of their ArcGIS Organization have an ArcGIS Pro license. This can be accomplished with the “Export Entitlements to CSV” tool from the “Users” category in the “Pro” and ArcGIS Enterprise Version of Admin Tools. This can be found in the “Export” section on the left pane of the tools.

A screenshot of the Admin Tools for ArcGIS Pro application. The 'Users' tab is selected. A variety of tools related to managing the users in an ArcGIS Organization are displayed. Under the 'Export' category, 'Export Entitlements to CSV' is highlighted in yellow.


A number of different entitlements are available under the category of “ArcGIS Pro”. To see all of them, add the filter “Listing Title contains ArcGIS Pro.”

A screenshot of the 'Export Entitlements to CSV' tool. The currently selected step is 'Select Entitlements'. A table is displayed with a list of various entitlements. The columns are 'Title', 'Listing Title', 'Listing Description', and 'Users'. The active filters are 'Org is GEO Jobe GIS Consulting' and 'Listing Title contains ArcGIS Pro'. 7 rows are displayed with various entitlements that are included in ArcGIS Pro.


The users column will display which members of your ArcGIS Organization have which entitlements. You can continue on with this tool to export the information to include in a report or share with other members of your company. If you need to edit these permissions, you can use the “Add Entitlements to Users” and “Remove Entitlements from Users” tools.


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