If You see Special Characters After Importing Content From CSV

In some rare cases, users who import items from CSV will see special characters, such as � in their text.


  1. In the Import from CSV tool, select the CSV file, you will be presented with a text box with the problematic text
  2. From the Admin Tools page text box, highlight the entirety of the text that includes the special characters 
  3. Copy, and paste the text into your text editor of choice (we reccomend Notepad++)
  4. Use the Find And Replace function within your text editor as follows: FIND: (paste special character in to the find field) REPLACE: (include a single space in your replace field)
  5. After all instances of the special characters have been replaced, copy the entirety of the text, and paste it BACK into the Admin Tools Import text box
  6. Continue with the import as usual.

You Should now no longer see the special characters.

If you've performed these steps, and are still encountering special characters, please email or call us at 1-844-GEOJOBE.

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