If You Experience Blank Rows Or Other Issues in Microsoft Excel After Opening An Exported CSV File

After Exporting Content to CSV, especially containing JSON data, there may be instances of blank rows or other data issues after opening in Microsoft Excel

This is a known issue regarding a limitation to Microsoft Excel. There is a limit of 32,767 characters that can exist in one cell.

See this Microsoft Support Article

Opening a CSV that contains data in a cell that exceeds this 32,767 character limit in Microsoft Excel will cause a data overflow, resulting in formatting errors, gaps in rows, and misplaced data. This will make the CSV file unusable. If you are experiencing this issue, please delete the file, export a new CSV, and DO NOT open the file in Excel. Instead, it is recommended that you open the file in a text editor, such as notepad. If you are editing this file in a text editor, make sure you keep it saved in CSV format.