If You Press The Sign In Button In Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, And Are Stuck Seeing The Spinning Loading Animation

Usually, after allowing Admin Tools to access your ArcGIS Online Organization, you should immediately have access to the tools. However, if you are taken to the main page of Admin Tools, and are still forced to use the Sign In Button, which results in an endlessly spinning loading animation. Please check your "Allow Origins" settings, outlined below.

  1. Sign In to your ArcGIS Online Organization and Select the Organization tab.

  2. Select "Edit Settings."

  3. Select the "Security" Tab.

  4. Find the "Allow Origins" Section

  5. Ensure that this field is BLANK, and "No Domains Configured" is shown.
    (Alternatively, you can attempt to add https://apps.geopowered.com to this domain list. DO NOT ADD "/" TO THE END OF THIS URL)

Why This Is Necessary

  • Origin either allows specific domains, or a all domains.
  • Removing one domain allows the server to send a *(wildcard), origin instead.
  • This is left open by default, and Admin Tools cannot be accessed if this is locked down not to include the "geopowered" domain.

If you've performed these steps, and still have problems signing in to Admin Tools, please email us at admintools@geo-jobe.com, or call us at 1-844-GEOJOBE.