Clean My Org Installation Guide (Local Install)

This guide is for installing Clean My Org on a local machine. For a guide on installing Clean My Org on a web server, please see Clean My Org Installation Guide (Web Server).


Installation Requirements

  • Windows 64 bit machine

    • Windows Server 2016 or higher or Windows 10 or higher personal computers

  • MongoDB Installation

  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher

Instructions for Local Install

  1. Unzip the archive into the desired directory. Be sure your windows file path is less than 256 characters when extracting our products otherwise there may be failures when unzipping the files.

  2. In the unzipped /installs folder, install MongoDB

    • Be sure to keep the checkbox to allow MongoDB to be run as a service

    • You can uncheck the install option for installing Compass if desired

  3. Once MongoDB has been installed, you can go to the config/nodeconfig.json file to change any server settings before running. Here you can change settings for:

    • The port that will be used

    • Using HTTP or HTTPS

    • MongoDB Settings

    • Whether or not login credentials will be used

    • Default admin email

    • Level of server logs

    • Log size max

    • Whether resolution options will be allowed from the app

  4. CleanMyOrg is ready to run. In the main unzipped folder, click on cleanmyorg.exe. This will launch the CleanMyOrg server application. Closing the app or shutting down your computer during a scan will cause the scan to fail. In order to use the ‘Scheduled Scan’ functionality, Clean My Org must always run in the background. 

  5. Once the app is running in the background, open a web browser and type http://localhost:8000 into your url bar.

    This will start the CleanMyOrg client interface. From here, you can set up Mail Settings by clicking the cog in the top right. You can also set up your Identities for scanning on the Manage Identities page.

    (NOTE: For convenience, there is also a cmolocal.bat file that can be run in the same directory. This will start the CleanMyOrg.exe server, then open a Chrome browser to http://localhost:8000. This file can be copied as a shortcut and placed on your desktop.)