If Your “Admin Tools Server” Service Is Not Starting

UPDATE: This document is only relevant to the Legacy version of Admin Tools. Admin Tools 2.0 and later requires a different installation guide: Please see our Admin Tools 2.0 Installation Guide.

If your “Admin Tools Server” service is not starting, you will need to change the path in nssm to point at the node.exe that exist in the Admin Tools app-server folder. This will be very similar to Step Five of the Application Server Installation (Windows) section of the How Do I Install Admin Tools? Article.

Open a command prompt as an administrator in the app-server folder located in the root of the application.

  1. Run: nssm install "Admin Tools Server"

  2. Path: choose the node.exe in the app-server folder.

  3. Startup directory: choose the app-server folder.

  4. Arguments: dojo/dojo.js load=app/Bootstrap

  5. Click Install Service

NOTE: The service can be removed with: nssm remove “Admin Tools Server”