Backup My Org Troubleshooting

Please refer to this troubleshooting document if you are encountering any problems with Backup My Org

ISSUE: Backup My Org is opening to a blank page when accessed via Internet Explorer

SOLUTION: Please attempt to access the application from a supported browser. Internet Explorer is no longer supported for any GEO Jobe products, including (but not limited to) Admin Tools for ArcGIS, Backup My Org, and Clean My Org. More info on this can be found HERE.


ISSUE: I have started BackupMyOrg.exe, but the window immediately closes.

SOLUTION: Go to Start -> Run menu and type ‘cmd’ to open a Command Shell. Navigate to the folder using cd /D your_install_location and type BackupMyOrg. This will let you see the result of running the server app. Alternatively, you can open the folder where your Backup My Org directory is found, and type “CMD” in the address bar of file explorer. This will open up Command Prompt already navigated to the directory. From there, type BackupMyOrg and you will be able to view and copy any errors being logged.

NOTE: Only one instance of the BackupMyOrg.exe server can run at one time, so if there is already an instance running the second one started will fail.


ISSUE: Backup My Org is failing with ‘TypeError: Cannot read property ‘db’ of null.

SOLUTION: You either need to install MongoDB, or your MongoDB service is not running. From the start menu, open Services and make sure the MongoDB service is running.


ISSUE: Backup My Org is failing with an ‘EACCESS’ error.

SOLUTION: You may need to change the port from the default 8500.

  • In your Backup My Org folder, open up the /config/nodeconfig.json folder.

  • Change the port from 8500 to another number, such as 8501.

  • Stop any services or BackupMyOrg.exe processes that are running.

  • Restart your BackupMyOrg.exe or service.

NOTE: If you have made ANY CHANGES to the config settings, be sure to stop Backup My Org.exe and restart.


ISSUE: http://localhost:8500 is not working when I open it in a browser.

SOLUTION: Make sure the BackupMyOrg.exe or service is running

  • Make sure the port is 8500 in config/nodeConfig.json.

  • If you are using HTTP, in config/nodeConfig.json make sure useHTTPS is false.

  • If you are using HTTPS, in config/nodeConfig.json make sure useHTTPS is true, and that you have the correct location of certs.certificate, and certs.key.

NOTE: If you have made ANY CHANGES to the config settings, be sure to stop Backup My Org.exe and restart.


ISSUE: I am getting Invalid Redirect URI when trying to save my identity.

SOLUTION: You will need to configure your Redirect URI in your Backup My Org application item in your organization. Please refer to for more information.


ISSUE: My organization’s URL is not showing up on the Add New Identity URL field.

SOLUTION: If you have not licensed a connector URL for that organization, please contact GEO-Jobe to purchase an additional connector. If your existing connector needs to be changed, please contact GEO-Jobe to update your build with the proper connectors.


ISSUE: Certain item types are failing when backing up and/or restoring

SOLUTION: The Item type in question may not be supported in Backup My Org. To see a list of unsupported item types, please reference the following:

If your item is a type that is supported in Backup My Org, and you find that the Backup is failing to export to the item to a file geodatabase (, please attempt to manually export this item to fgdb in ArcGIS. If it fails, then there is an issue with the item that Backup My Org will not be able to process. If it does export successfully to fgdb, please reach out to GEO Jobe Support at with the details regarding this item.


ISSUE: I see a “Not Secure” Warning In my Browser’s address bar when Trying to install certificates to Run Backup My Org on HTTPS

SOLUTION: If you created a self signed certificate, those will always show up as not trusted. You will need to buy a certificate from a trusted source (such as Verisign) to have a signed certificate from an authority.

Additional Support Resources

If you have any questions, problems, or feature requests, you can get in touch with us via email at or Live Chat on , or call us at 1-844-GEOJOBE