Backup My Org - Unsupported and Experimental Item Types

At this time, the following item types are unsupported in Backup My Org:

  • Hub Sites

  • Enterprise Sites / Sites Application / Sites Pages

  • Operation View

  • Insights Workbook

  • Workforce Project

  • Business Analyst App

  • Data Store

  • Location Tracker Services

  • QuickCapture

Supported Types with Exceptions

Map Services:

  • Map Services with their source will be able to be backed up and restored. If a source is not available on the backup, the Map Service will only be backed up as a registered service with restoration to a link to the original Map Service. For more information see this article.

  • Due to the ArcGIS REST API, Map Services cannot be overwritten, so all restore operations will create a new Map Service.

Web Experience:

  • If a web experience contains widgets not present in the destination environment, the restore will fail.

  • If the ArcGIS version of the backed up Web Experience and the Destination Environment do not match, a warning message will be shown in the restore preprocessing stage. This is because the data structure of web experience configurations has changed between versions, which may cause a number of issues ranging from format changes to feature services not displaying.

  • There can also be issues with the config/draft version not restoring properly.

Scene Services:

  • Scene services will need an underlying source package related to the item in order to back up as a hosted scene service, otherwise Backup My Org will treat it as a registered service pointing to the original file if the source package is unavailable.


Instant Apps:

There are a few variants of Instant Apps that will not restore when moving content from one ArcGIS Organization to another that is an earlier version. This is due to changes in the Apps' underlying data structure.

  • 3D Viewer

  • Chart Viewer

  • Exhibit

  • Inset


For more information about Backup My Org, including supported items and system requirements, please see our product page.