If Backup My Org Freezes During a Whole-Org Backup

While Performing a Whole-Org Backup, there may be times when the process freezes. If this occurs, please attempt the following steps.

First, Ensure that the machine running Backup My Org meets the minimum system requirements

  • GEO Jobe recommends 16 GB RAM for optimal performance.

Next, Try to Recache the Content in the Organization

  1. Click Create Backup and Choose Advanced Filters.

  2. Click on Content Selection and add items.

  3.  Click the Recache button.

  4. Restart the Backup My Org service and attempt to perform the Backup.

If unsuccessful, try to Reduce the serverloglevel for the best management of memory.


  1. Navigate to the nodeconfig.json file located in the Backupmyorg application directory within the config folder.

This is usually located where the application is installed (BackupMyOrg\config\nodeconfig.json)


2. Open the file in a text editor and set the serverLogLevel value to "0" and save this file.

3. Restart the Backup My Org service, and attempt to perform the Backup.


If you have tried these steps, and Backup My Org is still freezing during a whole-org backup, please reach out to support@geo-jobe.com