Setting Up Email Options In Clean My Org or Backup My Org

To configure settings for sending email notifications in Clean My Org, click on the cog icon in the top right of the Clean My Org or Backup My Org page.


There are 3 options for mail types that can be configured:

  • Service (Gmail, Outlook, etc)
      • The service section provides some templates for common mail services such as Gmail and Outlook. (Note: You will still need to include the domain listing at the end of your listed email addresses i.e. "", etc.)
      • Before sending email using Gmail, you will need to allow less secure apps to access Gmail. You can do this by going to
      • The Gmail option with less secure apps will not work with 2-factor authentication, so it is advised to create a new account specifically for the purpose of CleanMyOrg or Backup My Org email notifications.

  • SMTP
      • Standard SMTP options are available in this section, including host, port, username, and password. If there is a configuration that is not supported here, the Custom Mail Type can be used instead.

  • Azure

  • Custom
    • Clean My Org and Backup My Org uses NodeMailer for its mail system, so any transport configuration that works in NodeMailer can be entered here. The format for this section is JSON, and you can get a list of options at
    • NOTEIf you are using an internal email server without authentication, use the following config under the Custom Config section, below:

      "host": "yourhostinfo",

      "port": 25,

      "tls": { "rejectUnauthorized": false}