Can I Import, Create, or Restore Deleted Items to my ArcGIS Organization Using the Import Items from CSV Tool?

Admin Tools is not designed to assist in the creation or backup and recovery of ArcGIS Online items. Deletion of content in ArcGIS Online is a permanent action, and GEO Jobe does not have the ability to restore deleted content. The "Export to CSV" and "Import from CSVtools can be utilized to document and edit values of existing content, but not create, backup, or restore actual content within ArcGIS Online.

NOTE: Admin Tools Pro for ArcGIS Online does allow for the cloning of HOSTED (not registered) content to a duplicate user, or to a new organization. The cloned HOSTED (not registered) content would no longer be tied to its original sources. For more information of how cloning works, see our Knowledge Base articles on Cloning.