Backup My Org - Unsupported and Experimental Item Types

At this time, the following item types not supported in Backup My Org:

  • Hub Sites

  • Enterprise Sites

  • Operation View

  • Insights Workbook

  • Workforce Project

  • Business Analyst App

  • Data Store

Supported Types with Exceptions

Map Services:

  • Map Services with their source will be able to be backed up and restored. If a source is not available on the backup, the Map Service will only be backed up as a registered service with restoration to a link to the original Map Service.

  • Due to the ArcGIS REST API, Map Services cannot be overwritten, so all restore operations will create a new Map Service.

Web Experience:

  • If a web experience contains widgets not present in the destination environment, the restore will fail.

  • If the ArcGIS version of the backed up Web Experience and the Destination Environment do not match, a warning message will be shown in the restore preprocessing stage. This is because the data structure of web experience configurations has changed between versions, which may cause a number of issues ranging from format changes to feature services not displaying.


For more information about Backup My Org, including supported items and system requirements, please see our product page.